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Intraday Traders Database services


database24x7.in offers Intraday Traders Database services to stock advisory and brokerage firms in India, providing them with accurate and reliable business leads. Our database provides a comprehensive range of intraday market information, including stock quotes, price charts, and news updates, along with contact information of traders who have made intraday trades in the past. With our Intraday Traders Database services, our clients can easily analyze market trends, identify potential trading opportunities, and generate business leads to grow their customer base. Our services are designed to help stock advisory and brokerage firms in India stay ahead of the competition by providing them with up-to-date information that is critical for executing successful trades and expanding their business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we get the telecaller Leads from?

We collect Telecaller database from different broking frims. We have contract with 50+ stock brokers in the Indian Market.

how do we detarmine our clients trial accuracy?

Our database comes in various types. based on the past performance and the reports from our cients of the previous same data type, we generalise the accuracy or the followup ratio of our leads for our clients.

what are the acceptable payment methods?

We accept all kind of UPI payment like Google Pay, Phone Pay & Paytm. We alos accept Payment in our current account. We accept payment through Payment gateway Integrated with Our Website.

Where do we get the web Leads from?

We do verious kind of marketing for our Clients. Like Google Ads Campaign, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Voice Call Marketing etc. Our Database comes mainly from this different marketing campaigns.

How much Time it takes to prepare the leads and deliver it to our clients?

Mainly it takes upto 1-2 hour from confirmation of payment to send the leds to our clients, as we short the database before sending to our clients. 

what is our replacement Policy?

We do replace Switch Off, Not Rechable & Wrong Number dtabase, The clients need to forward the following leads in between 15 days with the followup remarks of our clients. We will check and give them a replacement for the same leads.

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